Dhabla/Tangail/Shawls of Gujarat

The craftspersons belonging to the semi - desert land of Rann of Kutch make Dhaba shawls. The shawls are yarned on the traditional loom using cotton and woolen yarns. Using threads, the design is put on the loom to shape up the product. The extracted water of rice or starch is used to wrap the desired colour directly on the loom. Traditionally the colours used are black, yellow, red, orange and green.

The number of threads are dependent on the design and are tied with pedals. Craftsperson carry out weaving the shawls using the up ? and ? down technique. The wool is collected from the sheep and the texture is rough.

Surendarnagar district in the Saurashtra is the prime location for the Tangail weaving. Loose and twisted white wool is used to make designs. Two or three warp threads are involved to give the ready feel of bead- like appearance.

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