Dap Dance of Rajasthan

The dances which are done on the beats of daph are known as dap dances. Few days before the New Year begins the welcoming dance spread up their wings. Dap dances are also known as daph dances.

Dap is of types, one is of round circle and the other is of eight corners. Some people get silver belts done on the round and some people get the circle altered and get iron and copper pieces put which look like manjiras. These daps releases very special type of tune and it is also called jhanj.

Dap is a very simple instrument but the daksh artist has to grab a lot. This is played through the fingers and chimtas but its rhythm is incomplete without the tap of hand. The tunes played are in relation with kaharva taal.(what is the engl of taal)

The songs sung with dap are known as songs of holi which are further defined as dhamal. Dhamal songs are sung in intervals, middle and second layos (define layo) some sing with dap and some without it. They repeat the lines of tarieye.

There are two types of dances .One is done with the instrument dap and the other is with the songs. Dancers perform many types of actions .Sometimes they keep the daps on their heads and also role, jump and do many other actions.. The male dancers can be seen in many kinds of make- up. Male dancers do dress up like females and this attract any of the viewers towards them.

Dap is being held in one hand and the other is occupied with the clip instrument or locally called chimta. Dap is performed solo as well as in groups and there is no specific dress code.