Dandiya Gare Dance of Rajasthan

This form is of one of the gares only.It is played with the dandiyas and so it has got its name. These dandiyas are made out of wild wood which is exposed to fire for its better looks. The design formed after exposing it to the fire really turns out the to be very pretty.

Like other gares this is also played in groups. They carry sticks in their hands and dance. The musician who plays the nagada or the drum stays inside the circle. At some places gare is also known as gahar. Each dancers dance for one to two hrs in continuation. They get completely involved in the dance with the back ground heavy beats of nagada.

The dandiya dance of Bikaner has its unique feature and stands different than the others. In the temple corner of Marunayakji displays a colorful dance and it takes all the appreciations from the locals and from the visitors coming it to see from different parts of the world.

It is believed that the years of 1972- 80 dandiya witnessed the golden years .Those days the younger boys used to ware long gown and turbans. The boys elder to them used to have red dress with golden border and a turban which is worn by the grooms. The married boys used to ware white jadna, turban (specially designed for the dandiya dance) and sherwani All these dresses were always appreciated by the people.

The practice for the dance starts during the blooming season of basant. Many songs are sung during the dance and have beautiful lyrics to it.

The specialty of bikaner dance is that the dhol which is played during the dance is the contribution of Juggal Kishore Vaini Prasad Binnani.The date mentioned on the instrument is 1894 which gives the clue of this dance existing before this also.