Dance Costumes of Manipur

Manipur Dance Costumes of Female Dancers - The common instrument is mridangam. On the beats of mridangam the dancers turn out like peacocks spreading out the beauty of the dance along with their beautiful dance costumes. The women are seen wearing a tight fitting conical black velvet cap. The beauty of the velvet cap is complimented with the artificial beads at the border, under a thin white veil. Dancers wear attractive silk long skirts with the mirrors in tiny square, round and oval shapes spread all over the skirt. Dress also a layering of garment which is translucent like a muslin cloth, this over laps the mirror work. The skirts are mainly in red, green and yellow colours. Skirts have striking border of sequins.

Dance Costumes of Male Dancers - The main male costume is the Dhoti .The tying process is slightly different than the normal ones. These dhotis is complimented with bead embroidery .The bead embroidery is basically on the bands which move towards chest of the dancer. The bands form the shapes of flaps that fall over the hips.