Cotton Zari Saris of Andhra

Simple and elegant cotton saris, either with broad borders on both sides or with a single decorative, heavily patterned pallu are woven in Andhra Pradesh. The distinguishing mark is the korvai where the weft threads do not enter the borders. Single-border saris require two shuttles and double-border saris require three shuttles. Country jacquard is used for designs on the borders.

Gadwal and Kothakota weave fine cotton saris with rich gold borders and heavy panel-like pallus. Cotton saris with richly woven pallus and borders in gold with opulent designs are also made in places like Siddhipet and Armoor.

Upada in Andhra Pradesh is famous for the jamdani technique. The saris are usually in cotton, silk, and a mixture of cotton and silk and the motifs woven are simple and traditional. These white and gold saris are particularly dramatic.