Clay & Terracotta of Bihar & Jharkhand

The potter?s community known as Kumhars is generally found in large settlements of Jharkhand. There are wide varieties of items made for household use to decorative items. A large size pot is very famous which comes in use for making mahua liquor(it is a locally made liquor) as well the local beer made out of rice. Deogarh has attractive black gleaming pottery. Roof tiles, ceremonial water jars, earthen cups , long necked vases, and pots are the other useful items. During the season of festivals the craftsperson?s make brightly colored terracotta animals, figurines and clay shrines.At Nunihat large numbr of women design terracotta jewellery.The tradition of clay and terracotta in Bihar dates back to the Mauryan period.Some of the traditions are still followed in this craft and each village, district, and region has its own style of pottery. The making of toys and images has close relation with seasonal festivals and other religious ceremonies. Clay elephants are very famous and are kept on the roof tops as it signifies marriage. Some of the clay toys are particularly made for children and the artists make them without giving any sharp curves or waves. Elephants, reptiles, horses are amongst the favorite items.