Chamba Rumal Embroidery of Himachal

Chamba region has highly skilled craftsmen. The Chamba rumal embroidery flourished in the princely hill states of Chamba, Kangra, Basholi, and other neighbouring provinces. The rumals are usually square pieces of cloth, beautifully embroidered, and used to cover gifts and offerings. Traditionally the rumals were exchanged between the families of the bride and groom. These rumals were embroidered by upper-class women.

Raas mandal and the Krishna motif are very popular motifs and have huge demand. The cloth used was usually unbleached muslin (very thin white cloth). The embroidery form was a double satin stitch locally called do-rookha, the beauty of which lay in it being reversible --- equally beautiful on both sides. Chamba rumal is a languishing art form in India.

Noted Artisan:
Mrs. Lalita Vakil (National Awarded by the President of India)
Address : Muhalla Chouutra, Chamba town-176310
Himachal Pradesh
Phone : +91-1899-222707, Mobile : +91-9418166800

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