Carpets of West Bengal

The woven carpets of Bengal are mainly made by the women of the bhutia community. The designs of these carpets are usually taken from the neighboring Tibet and the material used is wool. The motifs of these carpets are inspired by the Tibetan iconography and also from their ancient history. Good-looking carpets are made by the loin-looms. The Tibetan refugee self-help centre makes good carpets other than the Tribal Welfare Centre, who makes ordinary carpets on big-looms. These carpets usually have bold designs with strong colors.

Some of the famous carpets bear motifs of dragon, bird, lotus, parrot, flower and bats. In some carpets one can find swastikas and the Wall of China. Sometimes depending on the motifs the carpets have specific names also. The neighbors, viz. Bhutan, Nepal and Lepchas also have craftsmen for Tibetan Carpets.