Cane & Bamboo of West Bengal

Cooch Bihar produces a special kind of cane which is known as Mutra cane. Mutra cane is the basic or the raw material for preparing shitalpati. The local artists of Cooch Bihar goes through the process of soaking the cane into clean water for 24 hours. The craft person using their skills cut the cane into strips to give shape to the pati. striking magenta coloured strips are specially dyed in this bright shade by the craft person to bring beautiful patterns of patis. Mutra cane is mainly found in the region of Cooch Bihar. The North Bengal artist prepare attractive motifs like diamond and diagonal shapes, checks, zig zags, twill and many more on the shitalpati which is delicately woven in flat strips.

Famous cane mats of West Bengal are designed very carefully by the craft persons who design the motifs of animals, leaf and human in a very beautiful sequence. Magenta colour maintains its presence in these mats too. The craft person skillfully designs the cane baskets which are made out of special kind of cane found in North Bengal. This particular cane is long lasting and the baskets made out of it are used for carrying loads of stones and bricks.

Unique panels are made to ready by the local craft person and the panels are hung in the village huts. Panels are designed from the thick and the hollow variety of cane. North Bengal containers with the cane handles presents a very attractive art by the artists. The containers are smoked to reflect the brown shade and traditional porker work is done on it.