Cane & Bamboo of Tripura

Tripura is known for its elegant cane and bamboo handicrafts with beautiful weaving and attractive designs. The styles are unique and are practiced by different tribes and communities belonging to the area.

Bamboo is used for many items, such as furniture, pencil holders, lamp shades,trays, stools, baskets, vases,hand fans, decorations fans, window and door screens, shopping bags , purses, hats, tablemats, mugs, and many other articles. Weaving the kula, vegetable baskets and dala are done by the men folk of western Tripura. These items are long lasting and the particular weaving makes them tuff and strong.

Evenness to cane and bamboo are given by splitting them vertically into very fine uniform strips and then cut to the preferred length using simple tools. Dulla is a commonly used fish basket while Pathee is a rain shield.