Cane & Bamboo of Tamil Nadu

The creeper plant Cane or rattan is known as Himalayacalamus falconeri while the Tamil reed bamboo is known as Ochlandra wightii (Munro). These fibres are used primarily for making furniture, bowls, baskets and other house hold items. The outer coating of the stem is removed and the inner one is dried and heated till it becomes supple. The products are manufactured at Thanjavur and Arcot apart from Chennai and other places. Contemporary craftsmen also make utility items like baskets and trays.

While palm has become a major source of raw material for basketry and related products, bamboo, cane, grasses, reeds and fibres are also used in making baskets, ropes, mats and many other items. The main centers of these crafts are to be found in Dharampuri, Salem, Coimbatore, South Arcot and Tiruchirapalli districts.