Cane & Bamboo of Mizoram

The tribal belt of Mizoram are Christians and have a tradition of crafts. Women are mostly involved with weaving and the men are into cane and bamboo crafts. Like in other states of the hilly north-east, Mizoram also has this raw material in plenty and so the inhabitants of this place are into it for ages. Mizos, the inhabitants of Mizoram make different use of this fibre. Different use includes house making and furniture apart from baskets, weaving tools, umbrella-handles, mugs, hats, fish baskets, pipes, toys etc. In furniture they make everything from sofas to chairs to tables and mooras etc.

The craftsmanship of the Mizos in cane and bamboo is best displayed in the different shapes and sizes of the baskets that are easily found. Baskets are made for different purposes. Broad baskets are meant for cotton, vegetables, firewood etc. The closed baskets are used for grains. Sometimes other fibres and leaves are also used along with cane and bamboo.