Cane & Bamboo of Meghalaya

Cane and bamboo is available in plenty in the hilly state of Meghalaya. The fibre grows very fast and some variety can even grow by a meter per day. Many varieties are available here. Bamboo is used for making houses in plenty. Mats of bamboo are made from thin strips which makes the walls of te houses. The mats are fixed to wooden strips of bamboos.

Different varieties of baskets are made in Meghalaya. The artistic baskets are known as meghum khoks locally. Khoks or thugis and other baskets are used to store different day to day items. The tribes of Meghalay have been manufacturing these bamboo items for ages and even use the baskets for storing valuable items and clothes.

The khasi tribals are masters in weaving cane into mats, stools and even umbrellas. The umbrellas are known as Kurup in the local language.