Cane & Bamboo of Manipur

Cane and bamboo craft in Manipur is an integral part of their daily life. It is a traditional craft and has been practiced from time immemorial. Initially these natural fibres were used to make products of daily use. Every tribe and community makes materials of aesthetic yet functional use, their skills evolved over centuries of usage.

Manipur is the second largest producer of bamboo products after Tripura in the north east. Some of the bamboo products are sofa sets, murhas, mats, basketry, tray, chair, table, flower vase, ashtray and other decorative and utility articles. Bamboo and cane is also used in housing, fencing and even clothing. Most products of the plains are of commercial use like the baskets and the fishing traps. The hills are more into furniture, houses and its implements etc. Though many commercial items are also made today.