Cane & Bamboo of Kerala

The state of Kerala in south India is a perfect destination for tourism, holidays, health care, yoga, meditation and art & culture. Kerala has a tradition of making beautiful items of handicrafts. Though most crafts in Kerala are also hereditary some amateurs with special interest in art also practice the same. Mat and basket weaving is done at many places in Kerala. All products are painstakingly made by hand. Some of the products include chairs, teapoy, t.v. stand, fans, tiffin carriers, bamboo shades, bamboo bowls and bamboo-reed table mats.

The painted bamboo mats is one the important craft of this place. The main center for this is Irinjalakuda. The subject for paintings are gods, goddesses, animals and birds. The mats for this craft is initially made of the required size and then painted with colours ? derived from natural sources.