Cane Bamboo of Goa

Cane and Bamboo have a very close and old relationship with mankind. Cane and bamboo craft is believed to be the oldest creation of man and is considered to be the oldest craft which was initiated in Goa region by a community called Mahars. The Mahars introduced items such as valli, which is still used for washing rice and grains, patlo means a basket which is used for multi purposes and it is available in many different sizes, mats or chicks used as curtains or sun protectors and furniture. These craftsmen mainly made cane items which were of use to fishermen during catching of fish and also fabricated a Dalli in which they could store the dry grains and other food items.

Today there is great demand of bamboo products world wide and to keep pace with the general public products like bags, mats, rugs, flower holders bags, magazine stands and straw hats of Goa which are very famous and protect the tourist from the Sun. Apart from this many other items are made which have the traditional touch with the modern designs.

The craft of bamboo does not involve many tools. The main tool for this art is hacksaw or Dao. The complete stem of cane is given an insertion with this tool which is then further split longitudinally into desired shapes and sizes by a bill hook (a tool with a long handle and a carved blade used for cutting branches off the tree). Many different types of knives are also used in cutting the bamboo. The cane is heated on a slow fire with the help of a kerosene lamp to give flexibility. A finished cane and bamboo product is suitable for all types of ingredients and does not require much of care to increase its longevity.