Camel Girth/Trapping of Rajasthan

Split ply camel girths of Rajasthan are generally made manually by hand without involving any sort of loom. Goat hair or cotton cord is woven into yarn on the spindle which is then doubled to make it two-ply and so on. A four-ply yarn is used for girth, with each ply being two-ply. Black and whie yarn.

The dry four ? ply yarn is spooled on a spindle and the cords of one of the cords is split open with the eye end of a large wooden needle and untwisted to a quarter of a turn";" the next cord is threaded through the eye and is pulled back through the first strand. The process is done along the row, and worked down, row by row, where each individual cord reaches down and across the newly created fabric on a diagonal line ending on the selvedge, finally creating a zigzag pattern. There are standard variations in pattern which could either be monochrome, chequered or a pattern in horizontal waves.