Bum Dance of Rajasthan

Bum is a harvest dance and has derived its influence from brig culture. Bum of Maivat is famous for its colourful dance. The season comprises of many things together which really is a occasion in itself to celebrate. It is the month of falgun followed by holi and not to miss the ripped grains. All these things together invite the farmers for fun and frolic.

Dhol, majira, thali, chimta etc are the main instruments played during the dance. They carry unique types of fan in their hands during the dance. The unique feature about this dance is the distribution of singers, musicians and the dancers in three equal groups. Bum is a very large size instrument which is also known as duff, nagada and tamat. Its approximate height is of two to three feet and it has a outer covering of leather. Bum releases heavy sound when it is drummed.

Bum is a male dance. The whole group is divided into three groups and bum occupies its place in the centre. Two to three people beat this instrument. Dancers attire has a turban and angrakhi. In hands they carry coloured scarves and the sticks which are decorated with feathers and also the sticks have some sought of frills.