Bhairu Dance of Rajasthan

This is performed by the followers of Bharoji. They have red co lour costume and tie big sized ghoongroos around their waist. Morning and evening they are on the job hanging a bag, catching chimta in their hand and move door to door asking for wheat flour. During this they don’t look at the back but keep on moving ahead.

These followers are very particular about their each moment. It is strict in them that during their visits if they have to stand they will stand only on one leg. They are expert in all kinds of magic.

Deadly acts are taken up by these people such as playing with fire, playing with the naked swords and nail. Like these there are many more heart shaking items performed by them.

Some of the bhompas as they are known as ware dress dipped in the oil and paint their face black. They carry trishul and peacock feather in their hands.