Betel Nut/Areca Catechu Carving

The Betel Nut or Areca Catechu carving is an ancient craft form and was originally practised in Jaipur(Rajasthan). It has been mentioned in the Glasgow International Exhibition of 1888. This craft form is now practised in small pockets in Rajasthan only and has died out in Jaipur. In Orissa this craft is practised mainly in the Ganjam and Behrampur districts. The craft involves cutting the dried betel nut into various shape and size using a vice. Detailed intricate designs are then carved on the same. The carved betel are then painted where the subject various from animal figures to emblems. Carved figurines of Gods, Goddess are easily found. Utility items like key chains and Jewelry are also very common. Contemporary artisans also use small motor attachment to get the desired results faster with lesser efforts. Taqi the sharp knife is the traditional tool. The pieces thus made are filed, joined and the varnished to get the end products.

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Beautiful Rings made with Betel nuts by Kirsten Muenster