Beada Raas Dance of Gujarat

This is a very beautiful presentation. In this the women folk carry series of brass /copper pots on their heads and start dancing .The balancing is so perfect that it shocks the viewers and this is the main attraction of the dance. Since 1986 this dance and its technique has developed further.

In the olden days the ladies used to carry earthen pots and used to perform the traditional dances. While fetching the water from far flung wells ladies used to perform this act. The tradition of performing ghat dance can be seen in Rajasthan. During Diwali young girls belonging to tribal community perform this dance.

In the olden days the ladies used to carry multi earthen pots on their heads. Their attire especially long skirt or locally called ghagra had traditional looks with wide width.They move on the natural beats balancing their pots. The pots are decorated in the most aesthetic way. The pots have signs of swastik pan, flower etc. Sometimes even moli or the sacred thread is also tied over the brim of the pots.

The local’s of Gujarat perform these dances on the occasions of Navratra and Janmasthmi. Many techniques are showed during this dance which are daring and remarkable.