Bamboo Mat Painting of Kerala

Kerala 's God's Own, is a rich southern state presenting many different art forms. Besides tourism, bamboo mat painting is one of the major industries of Kerala. The local artists are skilled in this traditional art.

Their work is first initiated by placing the correct size of mat which is utilized as a canvas for the painting. Then the basic coating is done on the mat which is then followed by the design on it. It is believed by the artist that to work on this surface the artist or the craft person has to put in a lot of concentration and work with peace mind as compared to the other paintings. In these bamboo mat paintings the craftsman depicts religious images, images of the birds and animals, human images as well as capture beauty of nature. Much of these are highlighted with all the possible colours available to give a natural look. The artists design all these paintings in different sizes which gives a very colorful and decent look that is beautifully presented in appealing bamboo reed frames.