Baledi Dance of Rajasthan

This dace belongs to gujjar or the nomad community. .It is performed on diwali and on the second day f this festival. The second ay festival is very important in the lives of farmers. Bull is the major and important animal for farming. In honor to this animal there is a religious ceremony organized on the second day.

During the ceremony the bulls are highly decorated and our worshipped in true way. The bulls are given bath; they are painted with henna or mehendi. The pride of the bulls therefore the horns are also painted in multicolor.

When people are busy worshiping the bull the other side farmers are busy dancing. The dancers tie a belt of peacock feathers on their waist, piant their face, and carry bunch of peacock feathers in their hands and they start shaking. There are no of dancers involved.

These dancers display their bravery as sometimes they take the risk of going under the bull which is not an easy act. Dhol is the main instrument for this dance. .The costume is very colourful of these dancers. They have saffron – pink colour dhoti with bright colour shirts or the aangrakhas. Hands and the feet are seen having silver thick bangles, strings in the neck, earrings and multi colored feathers are must to carry in their hands.