Gokul Behari Pattanaik

Gokul Behari Pattanaik, 76 years, is one of the oldest a well known artisan of patta chittra from Orissa. He is practicing this art form since a young age. Though father was also into artistic things but was not into Patta Chitra or Palm Leaf engraving. He went to Lucknow to learn commercial art and started palm leaf engraving around 1961 He is believed to have introduced scroll painting for the first time in 1963. Received national award in 1968. He had trained a lot of students for the last many years. Some of his ex-students have also received national awards in this art form. Some of the students who had received national awards are :
Bijay Kr Parida
Rabindra Nath Sahoo
Kalicharan Pattanaik
Rameshwar Munda
He has exhibited his products twice at Delhi Haat and Suraj Kund and once each at Kolkata & Mumbai.Had been to California in 1985 for 3.5 months. Was again send to Indonesia by the Orissa govt. for a week in 1993.