Ankik Gudhna/Tattoos of Chhattisgarh

For the Adivasis or the tribals Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh the tattoo marks have a social importance and so they widely practiced this art of tattooing. Though the tattooing is done almost all over the body it is forbidden on the waist and the hips. The tattooing starts at an early age of 7 years and can be done till marriage. But tattooing after amrriage is considered inauspicious. Tattooing is a status and is a reflection of their group codes. It gives them security as they believe that though all ornaments of a woman are removed at the time of death, totoos are the only one she can carry to the next world.

The Bhils are fond of their traditional marks and the marks indicates the group or community to which an individual belong. These marks also reflect occupation of individuals. Motifs are related to agriculture or cattle breeding and includes various animals, birds and flowers. A popular scene is sita rasoi from Ramayan.