Agarbatti/Incense Stick Making

An incense stick is a natural product of fragrance when lit. The product holds the base of Bamboo and the top coating over the stick is a blend of aromatic herbs derived from the pure and the fresh nature. In ancient times, the incense sticks had a religious significance as they were lit during the prayer services and festivals. Today the concept has changed and from the religious site they have entered into ones personal life too. In this busy world people use them as mood enhancers as the soothing fragrance relaxes the muscles. It is also utilized during the aromatherapy treatment where the different fragrances are released during the treatment to relax the tight body and to release the physical and the mental tension. Most of the fragrances are chemical free as they are blend of the natural aromatic herbs. The spectrum of incense stick is very wide as they are also used as a disinfectant and room refreshers.

The purifying influence is very powerful and the burning capacity of the stick depends on the size of product which varies from 20 minutes to two hours.