About Us

We are a unit operating out of Jaipur in India with the objective of promoting Indian art and artisans. India is a country rich in traditional crafts and boasts of over 700 types of crafts. It was always a challenge for the artisan to take his product to the customer and over the years it has been done by the middleman. We at Primo E-services (India) Pvt. Ltd.(Craftandartisans.com is a unit of Primo E-services (India) Pvt. Ltd.) are committed to taking this to all parts of the globe. We help the artisans in making direct sales of their products to prospective customers. Some of the artisans we deal with are master craftsmen and have been awarded state and national awards for their contribution to the development of art. Many have gone to far off places and demonstrated their products to various European countries and USA.

Email : info@craftandartisans.com,

Contact :
Mr. Nishant Samaria
Keshav Vihar, Jagatpura
Pin: 302017
Jaipur Office: +91-99 283 966 33 , +91-95 290 88 999

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